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(Andi Peters of ITV visting The Rockhouse Retreat)

The Rockhouse Retreat Media

Since the birth of The Rockhouse Retreat in 2015, it has garnered extensive attention from numerous different corners of the media world. The unique blend of modern comforts and a Palaeolithic aesthetic has captured the imaginations of many, leading to this amount of coverage.


Mainstream coverage of The Rockhouse first appeared in September 2015 when it was featured on the popular Channel 4 programme, Grand Designs hosted by well-known television personality Kevin McCloud. The programme highlighted both the beauty and splendour of The Rockhouse, also informing viewers of the short 9-month turnaround on the project, with most of the work being completed manually by owner Angelo Mastropietro.

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(Kevin McCloud, host of Grand Designs at The Rockhouse Retreat)

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(Beautiful views of the Wyre Forest from The Rockhouse Terrace)

(Beautiful views of the Wyre Forest from The Rockhouse Terrace)

The exposure from featuring on Grand Designs led to a storm of appearances in various newspapers across the country. The BBC sent reporter Ben Sidwell to the property in October 2015 and he was greeted with a tour of the 800-year-old dwelling. The West Midlands newspaper The Express and Star also covered the Retreat, calling it “a home that would make anyone jealous”.

The wonder and magic of the Rockhouse Retreat also extends further than Britain, with the American news outlet CBS News covering the property in their article on “Ten Homes Which Hide in Plain Sight”, along with other properties in the United States and the rest of the world.

The Daily Mirror also covered this architectural marvel in January 2016 calling it “an ambitious makeover” and bringing attention to the modern amenities of The Rockhouse which includes fully functioning Wi-Fi, under floor heating to keep the property cosy and the fact that the running water appears from a built-in 80-metre borehole.

The Rockhouse Retreat gained widespread exposure in June 2016, when the massive online media outlet LadBible released a video about The Rockhouse, highlighting all of the work that went into designing and building the luxurious resort, branding it a “real man cave”. The video itself received massive attention online, gaining over 3.4 Million views within 24 hours of being uploaded.

Since the initial explosion in the popularity of The Rockhouse Retreat, it has still managed to feature in the media and provoke the imaginations of those who view it. Below, are some of the other outlets to mention The Rockhouse.

(Footage of the team breaking through the six foot stone wall during the excavation)