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The Paleo Retreat offers inspiring and educational 'residential paleo retreats' to rejuvenate your mind, body and spirit, through promoting the benefits of primal fitness and the paleo diet (caveman diet).  The weekend paleo retreats deliver a tailored program of primal fitness and movement, yoga, meditation, and diverse activities designed to create ‘a more balanced you’, leaving you feeling revitalised and better equipped for the challenges of the modern world.

Primal fitness and the paleo diet, or 'caveman diet' is becoming an increasingly popular lifestyle choice to improve health, energy levels, vitality and overall well-being.  It is well proven as a means to combat 'the diseases of the modern world', such as depression, anxiety, stress, obesity, reduce inflammation and vastly improve your sense of well-being so you can live a more positive, energised and fulfilling lifestyle and without the need to diet and count calories. Put simply, 'the paleo diet' is a healthy and sustainable 'lifestyle choice' that maximises your sense of vitality. 

The Paleo Retreat provides 'residential paleo retreats' for groups and individuals from a contemporary woodland retreat on the Worcestershire and Shropshire borders with direct access to 40 kilometres of woodland trails through the ancient Wyre forest woodland and onto the picturesque banks of the river Severn.

The Paleo Retreat is located in the perfect setting to escape the modern world and reboot your body and mind amidst natural beauty where you will reconnected to Mother Earth,

Whether you are an individual seeking an 'introduction to the ‘paleo diet’ or an ‘active group’, The Paleo Retreat's programs can be tailored to your needs and are all designed to be fun and enlightening.   

Hosted by a ‘real life caveman’ and long standing paleo enthusiast, the paleo retreat will provide you with knowledge to become a healthier and happier you, leaving you feeling revitalised, rejuvenated and motivated.

The Paleo Weekend Retreat: 

- Introduction to the paleo diet

- Nature walks, jogs, runs, or bike rides (depending on fitness levels) 

- Functional exercise and primal movement 

- Meditation

- Yoga

- Strength and conditioning   

- Camp fire relaxation 

- Paleo Recipes 

End each day with another satisfying and nutritious paleo feast of home cooked paleo friendly food, reflecting on your day sharing stories around the campfire under the star lit sky. 

The Paleo Retreat 
An Introduction to a paleo diet and primal fitness 
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